Prism & Systems Prism

Prism and systems prism
Prism and systems prism
Leica type 360 degree prism
Big size (Length 140mm, Diameter 90mm)
Offset +23.1mm
Measuring distance 1500m
Accuracy 5"
Standard: with Leica type adapter
Optional: with 5/8" internal screw thread

Leica type 360 degree prism 73mm, Costant 23.1. Height 73mm, Diameter 68mm

Leica type 360 degree prism 90mm
Costant for Leica 23.1mm
Costant For Topcon/Sokkia -10mm

Topcon & Sokkia Style 360 Degree Prism ATP1, AR Coated Total Station Reflector

Leica Prism Gpr121. professional series circular surveying prism with an anti-refelction coating, mounted in metal holder. Supplied with removable target plate
Trimble Prism 360
Prisma Leica GPR1
CPR1 Leica Prism 63mm

Universal Prism 64mm

The SGS Center LED Lighted Prism is a cutting-edge technology.

Standard prism assembly Universal, For topcon, South, Kolida,Sokkia etc.
Offset -30mm or 0mm
With carrying bag
  • Sokkia type prism assembly
  • With carrying bag
  • Topcon type prism assembly
  • Offset 0mm
  • With carrying bag
  • Leica GPR111 Basic Prism, basic circular prism reflector and holder

    Leica Prism CPH1, Prism offset 34mm for LEICA system

    System Prism Universal include prism-holder, target, 64mm prism, tribrach, adapter. No Plastic Box

    System Prism Topcon include  prism-holder,  target, 64mm prism,  tribrach, adapter, 

    System Prism Leica, Prism assembly + Adapter + Tribrach