Hand Level

Kolida official Distributor
Kolida official Distributor
Hand Level,Escuadra optica manual, Niveleta Manuale, Inclinometro, Medidor de inclinacion, inclinometro Manual
A hand level (also called a sight level or hand sight level) is a tool used for ‘rough leveling’ – that is, estimation and not precision. A hand level is essentially a spirit level inside of a telescope. The device is generally used by grading contractors and land surveyors to compare multiple points against a reference point to get approximations of level. or inclination
Abney Level Graduated 0 to ±90°,0to±100% on a arc. Vernier reads to 10′, Square aluminum body and arc.
Hand Level Locke, to determine the horizontal line, with 4x lens, precision 15 ', eyepiece focus, closed length 160 mm, open 195mm, 27mm diameter, with housing