Laser Level

Laser Level
Laser level Crossline and rotating
Laser Level FRE 301
Laser Level FRE301G Green beam Laser. Fully automatic electronic leveling. Rainproof and dustproof. Fine calibration function
Red Laser 500 m Range, 1mm accuracy, 18 hrs working TRL-124 Slope +/- 10%
Red Laser, 600 m, 1 mm Accuray 30 hrs TRL 134 Slope +/-10%
Multi Line Laser ML 310
Multi-line laser ML 310, Project 2 vertical lines, one horizontal line and one plumb-down beam. Laser cross to the ceiling and wall. Self-leveling, visual & audible alarm when out of level 360 rotable and also fine-adjustable in level. Tribrach is fine-adjustable in level Able to be connected with the tripod or elevator tripod by 5/8″thread
Cross Line Laser ACL 241, Auto Compensating Function, Tilt Indicating Function, Assistant of decorations
Cross Line Laser ACL 611
Cross Line Laser ACL 611 green laser 1H+1V Green Beams, forming a cross at wall plumb down beam (red) with tangent screw
Cross line Laser AEL 288
Cross line Laser AEL 288,Laser beams: 4V, 1H, and 1 plumb beam. Laser diode: 635nm. Plumb diode: 650mm
Plummet Laser Kolida ML 401
Plummet Laser Kolida ML 401,Able to be connected with the tripod by 5/8thread Project two laser beams (both up and down) Simple and easy to use. Sealed and dustproof Used in construction, project supervisor,deformation observation
Red/Green Laser, 600 Range, 1mm accuracy, +/- 10% Slope, 30mt Remote control 30hrs. TRL155 with display screen - IP65
MDL 60 SOUTHGEOSYSTEMS Digital Level, Measure angles in degrees,percentages, Alternate zero mode