Kolida Robotic Total Station

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KTS-591 adopts high-precision shafting design and code disc technology, and the angle measurement accuracy is 1″. It is easy for one person to work, and every subtle change can be controlled, so that monitoring is like picking out things; it supports 300m super search, even in clouds, fog and night. Accurate Orientation, a single person can also complete complex measurement tasks

Kolida Robotic Total Station

Robotic Total Station

Kolida KTS491/492

Kolida Robotic Total Station

Super Search+ATR

Super search + ATR, accurate orientation even in clouds, fog and night, and a single person can complete complex measurement tasks

high speed motor

The rotation speed can reach 120 degrees per second, and the powerful motor can ensure rapid rotation and continuous point even if it runs for a long time…

smart system

Equipped with the Android intelligent system, it is easy to understand, quick to use, and simplified, making the work simple and efficient

Angle measurement accuracy 1″

Adopting high-precision shafting design and code disc technology to ensure the highest angle measurement accuracy of 1″, calmly respond to various job specification requirements, and stable and reliable performance.

super protection

IP65 super waterproof and dustproof, it can guarantee stable operation even in the worst environment, making the monitoring as rock-solid and stable as Mount Tai

rich application

A variety of applications can be configured to cope with different operation scenarios and meet the needs of different industries such as surveying and mapping and monitoring