Theodolite Kolida NT023

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Kolida NT023, 300m distance measurement with Prism Redefined the Theodolite by it's small size but strong performance 2.7 inches LCD Screen with high-capacity battery Afford a better solution for outside surveying project

In construction project, using NT-023 in stead of ordinary theodolite will greatly save your manpower. Previously, to perform Axis Setout by ordinary theodolite and steel tape you would need three even four staffs to work in the team: one for theodolite, two for operating measuring tape and make marking, one for helping. Using NT-023 you need only two people: one for theodolite, another holds prism and puts marker on the ground. The working efficiency is also significantly improved. The building axes is the basis of constructions. You can

 Axes Stake Out

choose the relative axes to stake out based on the points'

position when doing the project. With this powerful Axes

Stake Out function, NT-023 will help you find the stake out

point precisely in an easier method

Two Methods to Stake Out the Axes

A: Occupied Pt

B: Target Pt

Set NT-023 on one end

of the axes


P: Occupied Pt

A/B: The end of axes

Set NT-023 on an arbitrary point




Intelligent Investment

Measures SD/HD/VD, more powerful than ordinary theodolite & steel tape, 300 m measurement range, longer than handheld disto. Distance Meas. Accuracy 3mm+2ppm


• Full numeric keyboard enables user to quickly enter angle value

• 7 hot-keys to turn on mode/ program/ backlight/ prism constant/ plummet/ pointer/ e-bubble

• Electronic bubble, single axis compensation, more precise centering

• 2000 mAh lithium battery support 8 hours work

• Smart backlight display, energy saving design


Distance Measurement

 (Single Prism)  

Range: 300m -

Accuracy: ±(3mm+2ppm*D) -

Measure Time:Continuous: 0.35s, Single 1.5s-

Atmosphere Correction: Auto correction by input parameter-

Prism Constant: Auto correction by input parameter

Angle Measurement  

Measure Method: Absolute Encoder -

Diameter of Encoder Disk: 79mm - Min. Display: 1" -

Accuracy: 2" -

Detection Method: Horizontal: Dual; Vertical: Dual   


Image: Erect -

Magnification: 30x -

Effective Aperture: 40mm - Resolving Power: 3"-

Field of View: 1°30'- Min. Focus Range: 1.5m -

Multiple Constant: 100 -

Additive Constant: 0 -

Stadia Accuracy: ≤0.40%/L -

Tube Length: 155mm


Type: Single Axis

Working Range: ±3' - Accuracy: ±3"


Plate Vial: 30"/2mm -

Circular Vial: 8'/2mm

Laser Tube -

Wave Length: 635±20nm -

Class II Laser -

Spot Diameter: 5mm/100m - Axis Error: 10"

Laser Plummet  -

Accuracy: ±1.5mm (@1.5m InsHt) -

Spot Diameter: ±2.5mm (@1.5m InsHt) -

Length: 635±20nm -

Class II Laser

Display Unit -

2.7 inches, 160x96 dot -

4 lines display

Power Supply -

Battery: Lithium rechargeable battery -

Voltage: 7.4V -

Continuous Working Hrs: 8 hrs

Environment  -

Working Range: -20~50

Dimension -

Size: 165*160*340mm -

Weight: 4.7kg