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SkyWalker X41, Model:X41/X41 Plus, is a quadcopter, which is manufactured by Kolida based on independent research and development. SkyWalker X41 is designed to drastically minimize the time and costs for collecting huge image data and guarantee the desired reliability by utilizing virtual 3D modeling from aerial photogrammetry

SkyWalker X41

MODEL:X41/X41 Plus

● Compact and light, free from UAV weight 

   limitations in most markets

● Extremely durable fiberglass upper cover 

   and carbon fiber airframe

● Modular structure, easy to assemble and 


● Ideal for flight missions targeted at relatively 

   short duration and small area

● Classic combinations customized to 

● An economical solution designed for budget 

   projects and fresh beginners

● X41 Plus enjoys higher performance than 

  X41 in propulsion system,battery and came

SkyWalker X41


Power Line Inspection

Immediate Analysis & Response

- Traffic Control & Management

Resources Investigation & Documentation

Urban Planning & Management

- City Component Updates

Environmental Protection & Monitoring

- Topographic Survey

- Heavy Earthworks Construction

- …






Aircraft Type

Quadcopter, 4 rotary wings

Dimensions (L x W x H)

105 x 105 x 45 cm


Carbon fiber and fiberglass

Propulsion System

Electric pusher propeller, 4 brushless   motors

Maximum Take-off Weight

2.5 kg

Power Supply 

Lithium polymer battery, 6S, 5000mAh,   22.2V

(8000mAh for X41 Plus)

Imaging Sensor

Kodak M200/Samsung ST30, 10 MP, 28 mm

(Sony QX1 for X41 Plus, 20 MP, 20 mm)

Other Onboard Sensors

GPS receiver, accelerometer, barometer,   magnetometer, gyroscope

Acquisition Performance

Single-point Positioning

±10 m

Absolute Accuracy

Down to 2/3 cm (with GCPs)



30 minutes (empty payload);

25 minutes (full payload)

Cruising Speed

5-11 m/s

Climbing Speed

4 m/s

Flight Height

Normal operation: 100-300 m;

Max. ceiling: 3500 m above ground level

Radio Link Control Range

1 km

Communication Frequency


Launch & Recovery System

Vertical Take-Off & Landing (VTOL)

Weather Limit

Stable in winds up to 10 m/s (36 km/h),   Beaufort scale 5

Operating Temperature

-5 to 50

Environmental Humidity