Tablet Kolida N80T

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Tablet Kolida N80T. Dual SIM card android tablet, supports Ksurvey, survX, LBS, GISTAR, EGSTAR app

Tablet Kolida N80T

Tablet Kolida N80T

Android 10

Supports Ksurvey, survX, EGSTAR and GISTAR.

8" Screen

                800x1280 dpi..

4 Giga Ram

2.2 GHz 8 core CPU.

9000 mAh

15 hours working


Highly configured hardware

Because of 2.2 GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, N80 can run android apps such as LBS, survX, Ksurvey, EGSTAR, GISTAR very well. 9000mAh detachable battery enables 15 hours using time. 8 inches screen can show more information while doing collection. Both rear 16MP camera and front 8MP camera can take high resolution pictures

Built-in GPS

N80 is using U-blox built-in GPS chip, the accuracy of normal version is meter level, which is suitable for GIS collection. The centimeter level high accuracy version is optional