Nivel Digital KL-15

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KL-15 Nivel digital para trabajos de topografía, ingeniería civil y construcción. Más conveniente, de alta efectividad.

Aumentos: 32x

Desviación estándar: doble en 1 km: ± 1 mm

Digital Level Kolida KL-15, Digital Level for Land Surveying, Civil Engineering and Construction surveying site work. More convenient, high effectiveness. Magnifications: 32x Standard deviation for 1 km double run leveling: ± 1mm


High-tech, High precision
• Observation accuracy 1.0mm
• Compensation accuracy 0.2”
• “Precise Mode” can minimize error
• A dedicated barcode staff
Intelligent Device, Greater Efficiency
• 3” TFT touch screen, intuitive display and operation
• Voice guide to prevent wrong operation
• USB pen drive and Bluetooth data export, no need of driver and card reader
• “Automatic Mode” can reduce user’s workload and fatigue
Design For Large Project & Night Work
• Backlight with screen/ button/ bubbles
• 3100mAh lithium battery works up to 20 hours
• Sleeping mode can extend working hours
• 128M onboard memory, saving 150,000 pts
• Trigger Key helps you measuring faster
• Protection level IP65

DL 201-EN

Model  Kolida DL 201

DL-201 DL-201DL-202

Precisione Accuracy

Deviazione Standard per 1 km di livellamento Double-RuStandard Deviation per 1Km Double-Run Leveling

± 1mm   ±1mm   ± 2mm

Electronic Reading System Electronic Reading System

Distanza di misura di precisione Distance Measuring Accuracy

0,2% 'D (distanza misurata) 0.2% ´ D (Measured Distance)

Gamma di misurazione Measuring Range

1.5m ~ 100m 1.5m ~ 100m

Single Time di misura Single Measuring Time

Ca. Approx. 3 ² 3 ²

Min. Min. Altezza di lettura Altitude Reading

0.1/1mm 0.1/1mm

Min. Min. Distanza di lettura Distance Reading

0.1/1cm 0.1/1cm

Telescopio Telescope

Ingrandimento Magnification

32 × 32×

Obiettivo Aperture Objective Aperture

40 millimetri 40mm

Risoluzione Power Resolution Power

3 ² 3 ²

Campo visivo Field of View

1 ° 30 ' 1°30'

Minima distanza focale Shortest Focusing Distance

1.5m 1.5m

Immagine del Telescopio Image of Telescope

Erigere Erect

Costante di moltiplicazione Multiplication Constant

100 100

Costante additiva Additive Constant

0 0

Compensatore Compensator

Tipo Type

Magnetic Pendolo di smorzamento Magnetic Damping Pendulum

Campo di lavoro Working Range

± 15 ¢ ±15 ¢

Precisione Accuracy

0,5 ² 0.5 ²

Alimentazione Power Supply

Batterie (Li) Batteries (Li)

Batteria ricaricabile (4.8v) Rechargeable (4.8v)

Adattatore (CB) Adaptor (Charger)

110-220V, 50Hz 110-220v,50Hz

Orario di lavoro continuo Continuous Working Time

Ca. Approx. 15 ore 15 Hrs

Auto Power-off Auto Power-off

in 5 minuti in 5 minutes

Intensità di illuminazione Intensity of Illumination

20lux 20lux

Display (retroilluminato) Display (back-lighted)

LCD (Linee:, 4 Lattice: 128 × 32) LCD (Lines: 4; Lattice:128×32)

Data Port (interfaccia) e immagazzinaggio Data Port (Interface) & Storage

USB; 10000 punti dalla SD Card USB; 10000 points by SD Card

Orizzontale Circle (built-in) Horizontal Circle (built-in)

1 ° / 360 ° 1 ° /360 °

Impermeabile e antipolvere Water-proof and Dust-proof

IP54 IP54

Temperatura ambiente Ambient Temperature

-20 ° C ~ + 50 ° C -20°C ~ + 50°C

Particolari dell'imballaggio Packing Details

1pc per scatola; 5kgs per scatola; Dimensione: 0.035CBM (40cm × 30cm × 29cm) 1pc; 5kgs; Size: 0.035CBM (40cm ×30cm ×29cm)