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Gnss Kolida K20s IMU "smallest", compact body, integrating advanced technology, superior measurement performance in one, saving time and effort and leading the trend.
Kolida Total Station, KTS-472-R20LC-2000 mt no prism. Measures 5 km single prism, Colorful Touch Screen, Large Screen with Win CE 6.0 Operating System. Laser Plummet
Kolida Total Station KTS 442UT new series Reflectorless, New enhancements are coming! Trigger key and USB are added to KTS-442-UT series, as well as other 5 new updates.
SkyCruiser MF2500 MF2500 Vertical take off and vertical landing makes it ideal for all-terrain conditions
Kolida NT023, 300m distance measurement with Prism Redefined the Theodolite by it's small size but strong performance 2.7 inches LCD Screen with high-capacity battery Afford a better solution for outside surveying project
Android Total Station KTS-552R15. The first Android Total Station kolida kts 552 features open interface, available for any 3rd party software based on your own request 5.0 Inch captive screen with multi-touch technology for quick and smooth operations. Iconic user interface, offers a smooth and flashing working experience. Behind every feature Kolida Instrument has put in a lot of efforts to optimize the algorithm

Pipe Inspection Camera System with 4.8mm Fyberglass cable and packed in Aluminium Case

Thermal Imager IR-895, Mainly used in the power industry, industrial testing, fire safety, petrochemical, automotive testing, aerospace, building energy saving, transportation applications, scientific research and development, agricultural ecology

The intrument is a bridge-type stereoscope. It is widely used in aerial photogrammetric survey and photo-interpretation.

Kolida Gnss K83

Kolida Gnss K83. SUPER RTK. Reference Station & RTK Two-in-One, Radio Repeater / Network Repeater

Portatil Collimator
Use: marking on hard surfaces. (certified design)

Kolida, Automatic Level KL-C32 is used in 3rd and 4th order leveling and in geodetic control, construction of roads and industrial applications.

Digital Measuring Wheel
Compass DQL-8 SGS Mainly used for measuring the Strike, Inclination, Topography Skeleton Survey, etc.
DQL3 SGS Mainly used for measuring the Strike, Inclination, Topography Skeleton Survey, etc. Plastic Case
SOUTHGEOSYSTEMS HT225 mechanical rebound hammer is the product of direct experimentation on different types of concrete.
RECON rechargeable battery for Trimble.

Leica type 360 degree prism 73mm, Costant 23.1. Height 73mm, Diameter 68mm

Reflective Sheet cm 6x6  10pcs