Clinometro Haglof EC II

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El Clinómetro EC muestra resultados exatos de medición de inclinación y alturas en la pantalla del instrumento, eliminando cualquier riesgo de errores de cálculo. Diseñado para uso en campo, el instrumento EC satisface todas las demandas para un clinómetro funcional y robusto.

Clinometro Haglof EC II

The EC II Clinometer instrument features instant measuring results of inclination and heights in the display. The electronically calculated measuring results eliminate risks of calculation errors and misreading of scales. The distance to the object is best measured with a tape or a thread meter, and then input with the buttons. With this improved three button design, the EC II is operator friendly, and the distance value settings are easy to change, step by step or by fast scrolling with the arrow buttons.


The Haglof EC II easy to use field instrument for accurate measuring of inclination and heights of objects is mainly used to measure tree heights. EC II is also useful for road construction, planning, within geology and archaeology research, and more. Heights can be measured from any optional distance and placing in relation to the object's position in the field.

The EC II uses one AA battery that is removed by sliding open the battery lid. Battery consumption is low and a battery often lasts for several months. With high precision, the EC II will be your work companion for a long time, always offering accurate measuring results without calibration or maintenance. Independent tests show that divergences from the correct height were much smaller when using Haglof Electronic Clinometers compared to more expensive, analogue clinometers/height measurers.

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