Gnss Kolida K7X

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Gnss Kolida K7X. The all new “X-Series” GNSS Engine inside K7X allows you to perform the highest accuracy. 1760 Canales

Gnss Kolida K7X

Up to 20 hours

Working Endurance.

1760 Chanels

All Constellation Signal Tracking.

Up to 10 km

Built-in Radio Working Range.

The 1760-channel X-Series GNSS engine is designed to improve surveyor's ability to measure in more place and to reach higher precision.

Four enhancement of X-Series: "Multipath Effect Mitigation", "Electromagnetic Interference Mitigation", "Anti-Vibration Shock", "Protection Against Ionospheric Disturbances"…

X-Series Gss Kolida
Farlink Radio Gnss Kolida

Farlink technology is developed to send large number of data and avoid data loss.

This new protocol improves the signal-catching sensitivity from -110db to -117db, so K7X can transmit to 10 km away by only 1 watt power consumption.

Kolida's kFill technology is able to provide a 5-minutes sustainable high accuracy service during a temporary RTK or VRS signal coverage outtages. After the correction data signal recovers, receiver will switch to real time correction data connnection seamlessly.

Kolida K-Fill Gnss
L-Band Gnss Kolida

Thanks to the newly developed BDS correction service, K7X is able to receive B2b signal via L-band, and perform a single point positioning precisely without base station.

It is a great help to surveyors who work in particularly difficult areas. This service is available in 2022 in Asian-Pacific region

KOLIDA’s 3rd generation inertial sensor and algorithm are onboard now. The working speed and stability have been improved for 30% from the last version. When the GNSS fixed solution is lost and recovered again, Inertial sensor can remain the working status in a few seconds, no need to spend time to reactivate it...

Tilt angle is up to 60 degrees, accuracy is down to 2cm. 

IMU Gnss Kolida
Working Continuously Gnss Kolida

Thanks to the low consumption operation system design, K7X can work up to 15-20 hours in RTK rover mode, up to 20 hours in static mode. Type-C USB port is onboard now.

A reinforced battery compartment has been designed for K7x, there are three times protection to prevent the battery "drop off".

The top cap, seal ring, bodywork, indicator light, painting... everything is new and quality.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional feel and durability.

Gnss Extra Robustness Kolida
Kolida KGO PostProcess

KOLIDA GEO Office integrates 

static data processing & Kinematic data adjustment

Windows CE data controller is too old technology? 

No problem. Simply use Ksurvey, Field Genius Android, SurvX App on your smart phone or tablet.

Enjoy the smooth operation of Android platform !

New App Kolida Android