Cavi di comunicazione per Stazioni Totali  e Gnss Leica
Cavi di comunicazione per Stazioni Totali  e Gnss Leica
Leica GPS Instrument Cable GEV215 (756365) Connects GPS with RX1250 ATX 1230 Surveying Accessories
GPS-PDL Leica Power Cable Connect GPS Interface Cable SR530 or GX1230 with PDL HPB Radio A00454 Cable
Instrument Programming Cable for Pacific Crest PDL HPB A00470 Type Radio Cable Surveying Accessories
Instrument Power Cable Connect GPS RTK RX1210 with Radio Station Surveying Accessories Cables A00530
Data Cable Connect Total Station with HP PDA Cable 563624
Leica 1.8m GPS Power Cable Electric Power Extension for Leica GPS Surveying Cable 565855
Total Station Leica Data Cable GEV187 734698 Connect PC TPS1200 with Battery External GEB70 GEB171
Data Transfer Cable for Leica Total Station TS30 TM30 COM Cable GEV162 (733282)
Y Type Power Cable Connect Leica Total Station With GPS Host and Battery GEB171 Cable GEV186
Instrument Battery Cable GEV97 560130 Connects GEB171 External Battery/GEV208 Power Supply to Leica GX1200 GPS Receiver
Leica Pacific Crest A00975 GFU Radio Cable for 0-watt GPS Surveying Accessories Instrument Cable
GEV267(806093) Leica USB Data Cable for Total Station Win8 Win10 USB Cable
Instrument Cable Connects Satellite Antenna Cable 702058E to Lei ca GS200 GPS Receiver Cable 731353 (GEV179)
Instrument Leica GPS Cables A00705(GEV125) Connect SATEL-10 Watt Radio to Leica GPS
Instrument Cable Connect Leica GPS GS15 to SATEL-35 Watt Radio Electric Cable A00703(GEV275)
Leica Instrument Power Cable 565856 for Lei ca Total Station TM TS30 Lei ca Data Cable