collimatore Ottico W420-F6

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1.Micro adjusting range: </=20"
2.Plummet collimator: Far target >1m
3.Total weight: 200kgs

Collimatore ottico W420-F6, collimatore per stazioni totali, teodoliti e livelli ottici
collimatore Ottico W420-F6, Collimatori ottici, Collimatore per Stazioni totali, Collimatore per Teodoliti, Collimatori per livelli, Collimatore ottico


1.Number of collimator tube: 6pcs

2.Focus: 420mm

3.Reticle’s division value: 60"

4.Shortest target: 2m

5.Medium and far target: ∞

6.Micro adjusting range: ≤ 20"

7.Micro adjusting level: 10"/2mm

8.Color of lighting source: Green

9.Power supply for tube: 4.2~5V

10.Lifting range of the lifting platform: 300mm

11.Diameter of the platform: 180mm

12.Length of the pillar: 800mm

13.The light bore reserved in the pillar.

14.Plummet collimator: Far target >1m

15.Viewing distance: ≥800mm

16.Total weight: 200kgs