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The HCC is a Haglöf clinometer with built-in compass.

he HCC is a clinometer with built-in compass. Use the HCC to measure horizontal and vertical angles. Together with the compass, the HCC makes for a great instrument for site survey in satellite installation. Features azimuth compass 0-360˚ graduated in 1˚increments, and accuracy to 2.5˚. Clinometer measures -55˚ to +85˚, graduated in 0.1˚ increments with accuracy to 0.2˚. The user can switch from compass to clinometer with one push. Built-in magnetic declination and easy calibration. The HCC Clinometer Compass measures in degrees
Size 20x63x44 mm / 0.8x2.5x1.7"
Weight 50g/1.8oz including battery
Display LCD
Backlit YES
Summer YES
Battery 1ea AA (LR6), 1.5 voltage
Consumption 15mW
Angle %/deg, -55° to +85°
Accuracy +-0.2°
Resolution  0.1°
Compass Azimuth compass 0-360˚ degrees (0 degrees=North) graduated in 1˚ increments
Accuracy compass 2.5˚