Gps Gnss Kolida

Gps Gnss Kolida
Gps Gnss Kolida 
Kolida Gnss K6. Kolida Gnss K6. "See better, work better!" K6 GNSS RTK, Live-view Stakeout powered by built-in camera and Augmented Reality technology
Gnss Kolida K30 Pro. 2022 Flagship model of Kolida GNSS family! The best accuracy and stability! 
Gnss Kolida K30. All Constellations and More Channels With 1598 channels, K30 is capable to track signal from 5 satellite constellations (GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS), process signal of up to 16 frequencies and provide stable and reliable accuracy.
Gnss Kolida K7. Quality Materials & State-Of-Art Features, add them together, multiply their power. Gnss Kolida K7, the power to be your best. 1598 Channels
Gnss Kolida C6. Palm Sized Full Functional GNSS Receiver. 1598 Channels
GGnss Kolida K3x. An Ultra Light and Powerful GNSS ROVER that Covers Your Current and Future Needs. 1760 Chammels
Gnss Kolida K7X. The all new “X-Series” GNSS Engine inside K7X allows you to perform the highest accuracy. 1760 Channels
Gnss Kolida K9x. 1670 channels The all new “X-Series” GNSS Engine and the advanced technologies inside allow you to perform the highest efficiency. 1760 Channels
Extra small size, 1598 channels, support all constellations, BEIDOU signal receiving capability enhanced
Trimble BD 992 mainboard, 672 channels, GPS + Glonass+ Beidou+ Galileo, 4GB memory, Harxon 0.5/2W radio, 4G network module. With Star-Fill, Surveyors Continue to Work in No-signal Areas
Gnss Kolida K20s IMU "smallest", compact body, integrating advanced technology, superior measurement performance in one, saving time and effort and leading the trend.

Kolida Gnss Net S9. SUPER RTK. Reference Station & RTK Two-in-One, Radio Repeater / Network Repeater

Kolida Gnss Net S10 Mini SUPER RTK. Reference Station & RTK Two-in-One, Radio Repeater / Network Repeater