Total Station Kolida

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Total Station Kolida  | Laser | Win-Ce | Android
Total Station Kolida | Laser | Win-Ce | Android
KTS-591 adopts high-precision shafting design and code disc technology, and the angle measurement accuracy is 1″. It is easy for one person to work, and every subtle change can be controlled, so that monitoring is like picking out things; it supports 300m super search, even in clouds, fog and night. Accurate Orientation, a single person can also complete complex measurement tasks
Android Total Station KTS-552R15. The first Android Total Station kolida kts 552R15 
Kolida Total Station, KTS-472-R 1000 / 2000 mt no prism. Measures 5 km single prism, Colorful Touch Screen, Large Screen with Win CE 6.0 Operating System. Laser Plummet
Kolida Total Station KTS 442UT new series Reflectorless, New enhancements are coming! Trigger key and USB are added to KTS-442-UT series, as well as other 5 new updates.