Rebar Locator & Corrosion Detector

investigation depth could reach 180mm
Single comprehensive probe. No need to replace during test.
back-lit screen let instrument can be normal used under the condition of insufficient light
Machine software is complete .The report could be printed automatically connecting with computer
Rebar Locator SGS
Rebar Location GW50(+) Reinforcement position tester
Rebar Locator & Corrosion Detector
Rebar corrosion detection XS100
Testing concrete floor thickness, Detection nonmetallic material thickness(Wall, beam, pillar, lumber, ceramic)
Ultrasonic & Rebound Test System
Integrated Rebar Scanner SGS GY71
The CS650 crack depth sounder is a detector for detecting the depth of cracks on non-metallic materials such as concrete.
CJ-10 Nonmetal ultrasonic detector.
Wall Metal Detector, Portable Rebar Detector