Battery Charge Leica

Battery Charge for Leica
Battery Charge Leica for Total Station, Gps, Gnss,Theodolite and Digital Levels
Battery charger for ni-mh battery Leica GEB70/77/79/87/171/187
Charger for Leica li-ion batteries: GEB90/GEB211/GEB212/GEB221/GEB222
Charger for Leica ni-mh or ni-cd batteries: GEB111/GEB121
Charger for Leica li-ion batteries:  GEB242
Leica GKL341 charger for leica GEB90 GEB211 GEB212 GEB221 GEB222 GEB241 GEB242 GEB331 battery EU US plug
Leica GEB371 Li-ion Battery Charger 774437(GEV242) for GPS Total Station and Bateria Leica GEB371
Charger For Leica GKL 311,The GKL311 "intelligent" charges one battery within 8 hours. It has an on board LED that indicates the charging progress. It monitors the status and temperature of the battery, charging according to optimum conditions, which results in a longer battery life time