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Forestry Instruments
Forestry Instruments

All you need in a Rangefinder and Hypsometer.

Foresters, surveyors, engineers, landscape architects, constructors.. We present new instrument models with extreme functionality - programmable and including GPS and compass. Measure, map, process, store with the Vertex Laser Geo/ Rangefinder/Hypsometer/Bluetooth/Compass/GPS/Usb 2.0/SSD disk!

Ipsometer Clinometer Vertex Haglof
The new Laser GEO instrument offers STORING and PROCESSING capacity, distance measuring.

The new Vertex Laser GEO instrument offers STORING and PROCESSING capacity, distance measuring.

Vertex Laser Geo + T3 Transponder + adpter + monopod staff

Vertex is many foresters’ preferred choice of instrument to perform precision height, angle and distance measurements in the forest. The Vertex 5 can be used in dense vegetation and undergrowth

Include: Vertex 5 BT, T3 Transponder, Adapter, monopod Staff

Haglöf EC II Clinometer in new model to measure inclination and heights.
The Haglof C I Slope Measurer is an easy to use and accurate field instrument to measure slopes and vertical angles.

XScape,Calculate the Area of Asymmetric Surfaces!

The PosTex instrument solution enables the operator to position individual trees and other objects on sample plots and other areas.
Hypsometer Height Measure Instrument. Hypsometer Make 4 scales for height at distances of 15, 20, 30 and 40 m, measuring range of heights -20 + 60 m, maximum angle of depression -30 °, maximum angle of elevation 60 °, minimum division: 0.5 m, Precision 1%, push-button for setting measurements, Dimensions 156x127x25 mm, weight 400 grs
SGS SurveyMaster, this patented double instrument is a combination of the Compass and Clinometer.
The EC II-R  is a Haglöf clinometer with built-in compass.