The Soil Sampler is a classic must-have instrument in every geologists’ and many foresters’ equipment store. Haglöf Sweden has produced a classic "walking stick" soil sampler for many years
Bark Thickness Measurer, to determine thickness from 0-50 mm or 0" to 2" in increments of 1/10". The cutting steel is protected inside the plastic handle when not in use
The increment Hammer provides the possibility of making a quick examination of the last years growth rate. Scale on hammer handle for reading. High Quality Swedish Steel and with exchangeable ejector and hollowed bit
Haglöf's FACTOR GAUGE made from transparent plastic and with bevelled edges for optimal spotting and accuracy. Practical grip for index finger and thumb improves the results and simplifies the measuring operation. 60 cm/24” beaded chain. Four (4) different factors for the relascopic function: 0,5; 1, 2 and 4m2/ha or 5, 10, 20 and 40 f2/acre (English). Two factor columns per side.
The Walktax is a classic instrument for exact distance measuring work. With a simple and smart construction the Walktax measurer continues to be an irreplaceable instrument for landscape controls, road construction and cruising
Keep instruments and tools in the right place with the Haglöf Cruising Vest in new design. Beige lightweight model in all-season breathable nylon mesh material. Compass pocket, pencil pocket, pocket for notebook, waist pockets with flagging dispensing grommet and velcro closures; inside pockets at the waist and backpocket. Sizes M-XXL
The pocketsize, digital Tallytax with 6 different counters maintains thousands of registrations in each separate counter. Rugged and simple to use for all cruising, inventory,production, planning, farming and gardening acitivites. Requires one 9V battery