Cross Line Laser EK118G

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Cross Line Laser EK118 Green laser 1H+1V Green Beams, forming a cross at wall plumb down beam (red) with tangent screw

EK118G LD 2 Lines Green Laser Level ( Horizontal And Vertical )Cross Laser Line (Self Leveling Within 4 Degrees)

Features:Laser diode:

LD laser diodeLaser wavelength: 505 ~ 510nm
Operating Temperature: 0°C ~40°C
Storage temperature: -20°C ~70°C
The horizontal line exit angle is 130°
The vertical line exit angle reaches 150°
Accuracy:  Stable
Life expectancy: Long
Adopt self-leveling (Gravity pendulum), convenient, reliable
Emit Line: One vertical line and one horizontal line
Accuracy: ± 1mm / 5m
Self Levelling Within 4 Degrees
Laser tube: LD
Laser level interface: 1/4 "
L-bracket: 1/4 " (can not use 5/8" tripod)
Cross accuracy: 90 ° ± 60 °
Power supply: 4.5V (3 pcs 1.5v AA alkaline batteries)