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The Mantax Precision Blue for Excellent Diameter Measuring. With its adjustable jaws and unique design in bright blue, visible colour, the Mantax Precision will be great for diameter measuring in any environment. Available in the markets largest assortment of scale lengths and graduation options, the Mantax Precision Blue is a diameter caliper you can depend on for many years to come
The Mantax Black is the best mechanical caliper we have ever made! Patented foldable jaws, elegant rounded non-reflecting aluminium measuring scale with several graduation options, and an ergonomic design of the handle, suitable for hands of all sizes. As all Haglöf Brand Calipers, the Mantax Black has scale graduation that will not wear off even after years of daily use in the field
The MD II caliper is a rugged and field-ready Bluetooth® caliper designed for efficient diameter collecting work
DP II Computer Caliper. The market-leading and technically advanced DP II caliper - program, customize and & accessorize it to fit your exact diameter measuring requirements
Holster for belt available for easy carrying of Haglöf Mantax Precision Blue, Mantax Black and Mantax Digitech in the forest. Suitable for scale lengths up to 650 mm
It’s hard to think of a quicker way to measure diameters! Aim the two perfectly aligned laser pointer Gator Eyes as if you were actually at the stem – just pull the caliper jaws apart until the red, highly visible laser points are positioned where you need them to be
The Haglöf Cruising Belt can be made to suit you just right: move & remove, switch and change place for the different carrying devices and pockets according to what your daily job requires. Leaves the arms free and does not restrict your flexibility. Available also with harness that offers a comfortable and ergonomically improved way of carrying in the field
With numerous interchangeable parts and refillable cartridges, the Marktax system is the right choice when you care about both economic and environmental aspects in the forest
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