DP II Computer Caliper

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DP II Computer Caliper. The market-leading and technically advanced DP II caliper - program, customize and & accessorize it to fit your exact diameter measuring requirements

DP II Computer Caliper 


The DP II is an easy-to-use, versatile and super efficient diameter instrument system, adapted for timber cruising, log scaling, and standing tree inventory. Many attractive features make the DP II an optimized and complete solution for modern measurement work in forests and on industries.



The DP II is field-ready, fully adapted, rugged and with a well balanced and durable construction. You will quickly notice how easy is communicates through USB, Bluetooth® & IR. It is compatible with your Vertex IV, the VL5, the L5, your PC or other handheld. Since your DP II is fully programmable we have made a truck-load of program options and ready-made software applications. Nevertheless we are always keen on customizing applications for you and your organization. If you feel it is hard to choose, and when your work includes measurement of both standing trees and timber, scaling and cruising, calibration and taxation, you can load your DP II with more than one program and switch between the different applications. 

With the DP II you get great field computing features. You work with a rugged field machine with foldable jaws (takes up less space, and is easier to carry with you when moving in the forest). The detachable computer terminal can be used as a stand-alone handheld computer - and if your DP II is equipped with the Radio Enter button, you can keep the tiny (but powerful!) computer in your pocket and send diameter data from your SmartScale. 

The DP II offers a multilanguage operating system, a non-contact SmartScale measuring system; and rechargeable, long-lasting batteries. Add value and versatility by using the unique accessories and add-ons uniquely designed to use with the DP II.

The DP II is tested. Certified. Approved. Contact us for discussions on how the DP II can be used to increase your efficiency!

 DPII Jenny550x840


All Haglöf Sweden products are designed for field professionals who work outside in more or less extreme conditions. The DP II caliper meets the demands and specifications of foresters regarding dust, shock, vibration, temperature, pressure, moisture and overall user friendliness. 



Haglöf Sweden have worked with software programming for field applications for 25 years. We have a great selection of ready-made solutions for most jobs in forest and field, and in many languages. Contact us with your ideas for how you wish to work. Together, we will come up with a solution that fits you and your organization!

— Forest inventory - Timber Cruising - Log scaling — Harvester Calibration— Wildlife & fish inventory — Construction


Short lead time. Quick customization. Professional development.

Ask for customized software, specifically designed for your organization! Work seamlessly; streamline your flow, and most importantly - work the way you want to work, with reports and results presented to you the way you need them to be. Take advantage of our big treasury of ready-made systems. Combine your expertise with our experience and our common will to explore new solutions and ideas. Together we will make it work!


Computing power in the field

The DP II incorporates great data processing and calculation capacities. Your workday can start and finish off in the forest, with your portable office in the pocket-size DP II computer terminal. All data securely stored and processed in one safe place!




DP DME - distance measurer

 DPII DPDME550x840

The DP DME is a distance measurement system compatible and used together with the DP II and Digitech Professional calipers. The DP DME works with Haglöf Sweden's well-known and proven reliable ultrasound technique. Read more DP DME. Also available as a combination module to navigate to your sample plots and other areas of interest: DP GPS DME


DP POSTEX - distance measurer with positioning

DPII GIS550x840

The DP II with the DP Postex accessory and corresponding software application allows you to measure, record and set position on individual trees. The method is used in research areas and for long-term studies. Read more DP Postex®



DPII DTT550x840

The Digitech Tape is an electronic measuring tape mainly used for Harvester Calibration and log scaling. The Digitech Tape can also be used as a diameter tape with the computer terminal and software application. Read more Digitech Tape.


Powerbank, emergency charger


Don't let an empty battery stop you! Emergency charger for battery charge in the field.

Radio Enter Button


Work comfortably also when branches are thick and space is limited. Wireless recording of data - read more Radio Enter Button


Digitech® Keyboard

KeyBord 320x230

Lots of data input and many different alpha-numeric variables? Read more Digitech® Keybord

Gator Eyes

Gator 320x230

Windthrows or streaming water in the way to measure the tree? The Gator Eyes laser pointers enable diameter measurement from a distance. Read more Gator Eyes


Belt Clip Holder

BeltHolde 320x230

Long way to walk? Holder for belt suitable for different Haglöf Sweden caliper models. Read more Caliper belt clip Holder

Bluetooth® printers


Wish you could move your office to the forest? We provide complete solutions and accessories such as quality tested Bluetooth® printers and GPS instruments.